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In 1845 Marion County, Iowa was organized. Three years later, a new township in the northern part of the county called Swan was organized. By the mid-1880s, Swan had become a bustling city with the arrival of the railroad and continued mining by the Black Swan Coal Mine. Time has brought many changes to the region and today, Swan is a quiet residential community of about 75 residents, all of whom are thankful to call it home.

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    Dec. 3, 2023

    Dear Residents,

    The weather is great this week, but we all know snow is in our future. Keeping that in
    mind, please make sure to observe snow ordinances this winter. That means when we
    reach an accumulation of 2″ the snowplow will be coming through town and we sure
    don’t want to have to tow anyone’s vehicles in order for that to happen.

    Also, pet licenses are due Jan. 31. We do this so that we know who owns what animals in

    case one gets loose or someone scoops one up and takes it to the Humane Center.

    Sterilized animals are $5 and the non-fixed ones are $10. You can include the payment
    with your next water bill and I’ll send you a receipt the next month (and tags if you’re
    registering a new animal).

    Have a wonderful Christmas!


    Sarah Heywood
    Swan City Clerk



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